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Join Us

There are four different ways a person can join a United Methodist congregation:

By profession of faith
If you have never been a part of a church before, and have never professed faith in Jesus Christ, you may speak to one of our pastors about being baptized and becoming a member.

By reaffirmation of faith
If you were once a member of a Christian congregation of believers, but have not practiced that faith for several years, you may join by reaffirmation of faith. This would involve publicly stating again your faith in Jesus Christ, and one of our pastors can help you with this.

By transfer of membership
If you are already a member of another United Methodist congregation, or a Christian church of any other denomination, the United Methodist Church honors your baptism. You will need only to let us know you want to transfer your membership to Fourth Avenue, and we will take care of that for you.

As an Affiliate or Associate Member
If you will only be in town for a defined period of time, or if there are other reasons you might need to maintain your membership elsewhere, you can talk with one of our pastors about affiliate or associate membership. These methods would give you membership in our congregation while maintaining a home membership elsewhere.

  • Fourth Avenue United Methodist Church
    318 W. St. Catherine St.
    Louisville, KY 40203
    Phone: (502)-585-2176
    Fax: (502)-585-2179
  • Worship Times

    8:45 Chapel Service This is an intimate and informal service that takes place every Sunday morning and is about 45 minutes in length.

    9:30 am Community Service This is a creative traditional service of worship that takes place in our gorgeous sanctuary.

    10:45 am Sunday School Classes are available
  • Our Vision

    To create a community that develops disciples of God in the way of Jesus Christ in fellowship with the Holy Spirit. Fourth Avenue will foster love, acceptance, and personal growth where every person knows they belong and are valued.